MPs' parliamentary activities: An interactive dashboard

Filter by constituency to explore MPs' parliamentary activities, including the debates and urgent questions they raise, and how they vote in divisions.

Elections data

Access briefings and original datasets covering UK Parliament elections from 1918, including by-elections from 1945. Find data by constituency as well as original analysis of election results

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Government data

Read the latest data about the activity of members of the government in Parliament. Here, you can access a range of facts and figures in various formats about the government

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MP data

Find quick-read articles, datasets and longer briefings on the makeup of the UK Parliament and the characteristics of MPs

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Parliamentary data

Find facts and figures relating to legislation, MPs, ministers, select committees, debates, divisions and parliamentary procedure. Some lists date back hundreds of years to the present day but many cover the last seven to ten Parliaments

  • Prime Ministers

    This note lists the Prime Ministers that have served in the United Kingdom, since 1721. It also provides information on changes of Prime Ministers between elections since 1900.

    Prime Ministers
  • Recall of Parliament

    This briefing paper discusses the procedure for recalling Parliament, as well as providing details of recent occasions when Parliament has been recalled.

    Recall of Parliament
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