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UK inflation, as measured by the CPI, was 0.5% in the year to September, up from 0.2% in August. UK inflation was 1.7% in September 2019.

EU inflation was 0.3% in September down from 0.4% in August. EU inflation was 1.2% in September 2019. These figures exclude the UK.

Inflation in the Eurozone was -0.3% in the year to September, compared with -0.2% in August. Eurozone inflation was 0.8% in September 2019.

In Germany, inflation was -0.4% in September compared with -0.1% in August; in France inflation was 0.0% in September, down from 0.2% in August.

Poland had the highest inflation rate in the EU in September (3.8%). The lowest inflation rate was in Greece (-2.3%).

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